Antero Resource Corp

As An Heir, I received a oil and gas lease from Antero Resource Corp back in 2015. Tried contacting office to no avail. Said I had 10 days to reply or my inheritance would be null and void. I saw a posting you had with Joyce Nunly a relative of mine… that I don’t know. You were helping her with this matter back then. Any way you can connect us?Wondered what happen with her. Update on situation??? —- thank you for any help you could bring in this matter.

I found a link to the original online posting from her, but it was not too helpful… One thing you can do is to go to the documents search for Tyler County County documents searches and select Tyler County, then select Index search, then put in “Nunley” and you will see a copy of her lease. This has an address for her at that time. I can’t find anything else. When I searched “epling” in this forum, I found this message Jul '15 - …message won’t go away even after I removed it. I have pulled up the sites given in this forum. I now know my great Grandfathers name was Isaac Newton Epling & my Great Grandmother was Yilda F. Bartlett. I could find no birth or death info for her, just a marriage certificate. I feel ashamed for not doing… " but cound not find more. I guess these are also your relatives? I hope you are able to locate her. If you need help locating more info on the location of the property, I can probably help some with that. Nancy

Thank you for your reply. I went to site you mentioned but trying to view from my phone was difficult. Couldn’t get site to search for Nunley. Could you help direct me on finding the location of the lease? Thank you!!!