Antero production - 6 Mar 20

WIth the current state of shale saturation in the US and exporting limited, is drilling slowing down for Antero wells in the Marcellus/central WV?

If they are drilling new wells, will they be put them into production right away if pipeline is available or shut-in?

Are royalties declining to royalty holders?

If a well can put out say, 2 MM cubic feet/day - will that still be the case in todays market?

Thank you.

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Antero drilled our five wells in nov 19. Haven’t heard from them, however by law they have several (after production starts) months before they start paying. They have invested millions of dollars in these wells, and they are hedged on most production , however covid 19 is a new unkown. Antero is very active in tyler co. Their treatment of our friends has been fair, but always best to keep your eyes open. Good luck!

Thank you for your rpely GWM. I’m next door in Doddridge. I suspect the same case for the wells on me. Fracking is scheduled this year. I’m close to the processing plant on Rt.50 and pipelines to carry the product are alongside the pad through me. Someday. :slight_smile:

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