Another offer to buy minerals in Angelina County near Huntington

Black Stone Minerals has made an offer of $3500 per net mineral acre to buy our minerals in the Huntington area. Any thoughts? Not really interested in selling but would be interested in negotiating a lease. I would appreciate any thoughts anyone may have.

James Childress

Major Energy Importer Bets $10 Billion On Natural Gas

By Dave Forest - Oct 17, 2017, 11:00 AM CDT

Much of the attention in energy markets has been focused on OPEC and oil prices lately. But news this week suggests that a different energy commodity is quietly becoming the hottest story going worldwide. That’s natural gas. With the world’s top importing nation — Japan — saying this week it’s about to embark on a major spending spree in the sector. Japanese press reported over the weekend that government agencies are about to launch a major funding program for international natgas projects — specifically aimed at the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector. With the government planning to make a full $10 billion available for investment. Those dollars will reportedly come from Japan Bank for International Cooperation and Nippon Export and Investment Insurance. With targets being LNG receiving terminals as well as associated power plant facilities. Here’s the most intriguing part: Japanese papers said the program will be aimed entirely at LNG projects in Asia. With the stated goal to “build markets in Asia for U.S. LNG”. At first glance, it seems odd the Japanese government would be spending its own money to help America gain LNG market share. But there may be a more-selfish reason here: namely, to facilitate increased shipments of U.S. LNG into the Asian sphere, making it easier and cheaper for Japanese buyers to grab a piece of the growing supply. It will be interesting to see how specific deals are structured in regards to this funding.

James the exporting of natural gas to Europe and Asia has started a flurry of drilling in the East Texas area. The Cotton Valley Sand and Haynesville Shale are the 2 formations targeted. I agree with your decision not to sell.

Clint Liles

Thank you for your reply Mr. Liles. I must admit the amount of money is tempting, but I still feel leasing is the way to go.


I will assume you know that there are more important things to signing a lease than just the $ sign.

But, in case you do not ... here's a starter ...

Good luck,


Hi Ms. Malone,

When you mention “here’s a starter” was there more information following that? I’m viewing this on my phone and maybe it’s just not showing up. I have been through the lease process before but I can certainly use any advice anyone is willing to give.

Thanks, James Childress

James, we do not have any minerals in Angelina County but we own timber land and for that reason we know other timber land owners who own land and minerals in Angelina County. If you will look at the Texas RRC, BP is drilling wells in Angelina County and most of the units consist of a large amount of Blackstone minerals. Several people have been contacted by a landman from Carthage representing Blackstone buying minerals in Anglelina County. There may be no correlation, but they were all made a similar offer. $3,500 per acre for unleased minerals east of Lufkin in areas which have not had much activity. BP presently has two rigs in the area. Good luck. Kathy

Hi, I’m new here because I just got a letter from Blackstone offering $6000/ac to purchase my mineral interest near Huntington. Guess things are heating up since this is up from $3500 late last year.

Don’t sell your minerals.

I never have. Do you know what the latest bonus offers have been in the Huntington area? Last I saw on the Forum was $350/ac from last fall.