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I signed a lease agreement 6 1/2 yrs ago for them to explore our land in the White County, Arkansas. Well low and behold on August 4, 2016 I receive a letter from XTO energy stating they are holding revenues in suspense, and that I apparently will receive royalties plus overriding royalty ownership royalties. Also, in this same letter there is a business associate number, I don't know how to use it yet but when one goes to their website it says to log into the Interest Owner Relations area. Now I have been reading and reading since I received the letter on the 4th of this month but I can hardly find any other mineral owners in Arkansas, and I don't know whether they found gas, or gas and oil. I have so many questions for anybody who has had dealings with XTO, and why after all these years when gas and oil is at it's lowest price am I getting a letter??? Anybody with information about the area, please tell me your experience with what's going on or anybody that is a professional for that area, feel free to respond. I appreciate all responses because I really need to know as much as possible.

Thank you!

Once you actually receive your revenue check, if they have not included interest on the late payments, be sure to write back and request this. I have found unless you ask for it, and ask for it a number of times, they will not pay you the interest.

Thank you Daniel, if interest or late payments aren't included in the checks they have I will most certainly be writing them to request it. Thank you for responding.


Congrats, XTO is huge and a part of Exxon/Mobil. I suspect their lawyers have come up with a title problem with your lease and need clarification or confirmation of something. Sounds like XTO may have come across a right to revenue earned by an ancestor in the oil business. Follow up with a letter asking what is needed to get money out of expense and include the business associate number.

Once you get a Division Order it will identify the well. Let us know the well details and we can provide better information on what you can expect.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment


They said they just needed an address update to release funds. When we signed the exploratory lease all those years ago, I did ask for the lowest lease amount and the highest amount of royalty payouts. I said go big or don't go at all because we didn't need the extra $250/m more that was part of the exploratory lease. My husband said it was my baby even though his mother left him the land, which is not a lot but apparently it has some sort of minerals on it. I received an email from a nice lady in the XTO Division Order Department that states she has forwarded our signed and updated information to another department and that it could take a few weeks to process this all. So I am looking forward to receiving the information so that maybe you all can help me better understand what it is that I have. Thank for your response, and you all can call me Dawn.


I have since found out that Chesapeake was the original lease holder, and am now trying to find out who has the lease because XTO says they don't have it, they are just the well operators. I thought I heard some bad things about Chesapeake, and am going to look into some more to find out who has the lease, and where the money is that they were supposed to be paying. The Recorder in White County Arkansas is sending me a copy of the original lease so at least I'll have that soon. Now to find out about who has the lease now.

I have since found out the land is in White County Arkansas, and the original lease was held by Chesapeake, then sold to BHP. We have never received any lease payments in over 6 years from either company. Does anybody know who I may need to contact or what I need to do to recover these funds. I will begin receiving my royalty checks at the end of September 2016, they're not a lot but natural gas is at a very low price right now. Any responses would be most welcomed. Thanks everybody.