Another inherited mineral rights question

I am pretty sure this has been answered but i forgot the answer. What does one need to do to 1) find mineral rights that were owned by a relative that we need to claim and get put into our name?

2) How does one get mineral rights put into their name? Thanks a bunch

Do you have any idea which county? The first place to look is for most of the counties in OK

Search on their name. Also search the unclaimed funds at the OK Treasurer's office.

Is there a probate? The second question is a bit more difficult to answer. It may be a simple affidavit of heirship or it may need more legal help.

well, start with that. Do you think she had a probate filed?

What is the section, township and range and I can tell you if there is a well there or not and if it is still producing. Also tell me her name and I can hunt through another source to see if anything pops up. Also, who did she get it from? And who might she have given it to?

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Put the section township and range in memo line, plus county.

Then copy this paragraph above and put in the body.

I have found quite a few Hawleys on some documents, so will keep hunting.