Another good resource

A three part series on Condensate passed on by my other cousin Dick Ridley:

All this sounded SOOO good and I was really getting excited about the condensate news until I clicked into where it said "one junior condensate player" and then the overkill on the sales pitch for his publication turned me off. Sounds like one of those get rich quick talks about buying real estate with no money down or like he has invested a bunch of money in a stock he wants to dump. I'd be leary of this one. But if they really want to know where they can get the condensate I'd steer them to "The Scoop". We got it!!!!

Linda, I agree on the sales pitch aspect but I like to read the research sites like this provide. I get another one like this that I would never consider investing with but the guy provides a ton of information on the Global energy markets. You have to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Yep, I agree. It's exciting news!