Annual well lease production figures

I work in the midstream sector of the oil & gas field. My family owns mineral rights in Grady OK. I was going over my mothers annual report and was suprised at the numbers.

the MKT or maket volume per month was averaged around $6,000

the MKT Gross or market gross earnings per month avreraged around $49,000

after the deductions the MKT net per month is around $37,000

The company did not put $ on the numbers, after explaining what the numbers meant to my mom she was suprised that the production company was making about $444,000.00 a year just off the natural gas off of the well and sending her $12.00 a year.

We are now in the process of researching the well and the original lease.

If you get a annual report with you're check learn how to read it.

That is sickening. They're sending her $12/year? I don't understand how they can even get away with that.

It is very important to get free royalty clauses in your lease. There are some services that will analyze producer statements for you for a flat fee to look for errors.

Was the company Devon?