Anevay resources Big Oak 1-35/2h 35-3N-9E & 2-2N-9E

Anyone dealing with them

Anevay is also known as Greenwing.

Yep they use the same phone number. What is a good lease amount for this area? I’ve seen you advise a 1/5 RI. What would be a fair bonus per acre at that rate?

My offers in the area have run between $350-450 at 1/5th.

I received a letter from Anevay. I am a widow of deceased owner, and am trying to research how many acres are in his name. Is it common for the company’s NOT to reveal this information? Any advice is welcome!

If they want to lease you, they have to run title and they have to know the net acres in order to pay you, so they certainly should tell you. The deed should be on file at the courthouse. Any probate or other transfers through family should hopefully be there as well. It gets a bit stickier if there is no will at any generation level as that will require intestate determinations of ownership according to state law.

You are a plethora of information, I appreciate it so much! I will contact the court house to see what information that can provide.

When I called them they told me the number of net acres. It’s already in your file that they created based on courthouse records.

I leased to greenwing anevay and they pooled I’m in pooling back in March I found out today they canceled my lease after saying g they had began production and I’m lost can they do this they said they had a check waiting, I have 55 ac