Andrews and Gaines counties

I just found out that I own some mineral rights in these two counties. I was wondering if there is much drilling activity on them. Thanks. Gwen Erwin


Location in the counties can make a difference in activity. Can you give us the Section, Block or Abstract numbers of the area you own?

Clint Liles

Hello, and thanks for the reply. All I know about the royalty is that it is called the Bessie Norman tract. Does that help any?

That doesn't help me any at all. Some landman that has a subscription to might be able to help you but I will need the legal description of the minerals to help you.

Clint Liles

Wondering about leasing in the area 5-10 miles west/southwest of Seagraves. Is there much activity? if so, what are people paying. Full disclosure - I have an interest in some wells in the area and was wondering if there might be underlying value in the acreage. If you can help great. If not, I would appreciate any advice of where to look on this site. I just signed up yesterday. - Thanks