Anderson county

Can anyone tell me if Anderson county bethel dome o.l. Gragg wells are producing . ? Sage creek operators

Tami it looks as though well #1 is still producing but very little.

Circled in red is well # 2 and it has been converted into an injection well.


Sage Creek has announced a gas storage facility in Anderson County, so I imagine they are not focused on production from the four wells they own in the Bethel Field:

“DALLAS, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Sage Creek Energy Partners has announced the submission of applications to the Railroad Commission of Texas for the development of Trinity Gas Storage, a new natural gas storage facility in East Texas. This is the first new gas storage facility to be developed in Texas in well over a decade. With initial capacity of approximately 24 Bcf, the new gas storage facility will be instrumental in balancing the ever-growing renewable energy supply in Texas and in providing safe and reliable gas service for the benefit of the residents, businesses, and industry in Texas. Trinity anticipates commercial operations will begin in the second quarter of 2024.”

What does that mean for me that it turned into injection well? I did recieve division orders about a month ago I have o.l. Gragg 1 and 3 bethel dome all I see is injection wells . RRC sent me sent me copies of the permits for these injection wells . What I don’t understand is why I got copies of these permits and division orders if this isn’t going to affect me