Ancillary Probate in Seminole county

Good morning! inherited mineral rights in Seminole and Hughes counties back in 2012. I don’t have exact number of where the rights cover- I will say that Silver Creek pooled the well, I receive royalty checks, and I live in Houston and need an Ancillary Probate attorney in Seminole or Hughes county. the monies have been sent to the Oklahoma Unclaimed Property Fund- and it has been one road block after another to get the funds put in suspension. if you have an attorney to suggest, please let me know!!! I’m new to all this and I apologize if I’m in the wrong place.

Tim Dowd with Elias, Books, Brown & Nelson 211 N. Robinson Ave, OKC OK 73102

You are looking at one of two types of probates. From the client point of view there is not much difference. You are usually looking at 60 to 75 days once initial paperwork is filed with the court. If there was a Will from a previous probate, some records would be needed from the home state probate.