Anchor land group


Has anybody in Lincoln county been contacted by this group. I have yet to receive any money for small acreas in area east of Carney,Okla. Thanks


What is your legal description/descriptions? I have several tracts in 15 & 16 N 2 & 3 E. Marjo did me well with the horizontal Meisner/Hunton wells in the late 90’s. Still get revenue on a well in 11 5N 2E. The gas has a 1.99 BTU factor and getting around $9.00/MMBtu. Other wells still paying a bit.


Hello Tom, i small tract in 3 15 north 3 east. My is also Horzional in hunton.Meiser formations. The well in Bernard 1-H and no production for a while. CE operating LLC has filed a lease on record but no payment. I have notice they have several pages of leases on record. Hoping to get paid. Thanks Lee


Good luck, I’m in the same boat. No check received …anchor guy keeps saying I will get a check in couple weeks. I believe we are going on 5 months now


I talk to my attorney and He feels the best option is to get the lease release since. There is many people in Lincoln county who are not going to get paid or get answer.


How do you go about doing this ?


Mr,. Smith you need to talk to an attorney, explain your issues and emails. I do not trust Anchor land group or CE operating. They are a much of people who are fly by night lease people. Sorry.