Anadarko Rumors

Heard a couple interesting rumors from two semi reliable sources, but not able to confirm. Perhaps someone here can confirm the truth of these rumors.

(1) Anadarko had some mechanical problems while fracking on 24-5S-64W. They were only able to frack six or seven stages.

(2) Anadarko has sold or in the process of selling their Arapahoe interest to Conoco. I checked Anadarko's drilling permits which indicates no activity on any permitted locations. They have not applied for any type of permit since Aug. 2012.

On the other hand, Conoco has been very active after showing up late in Arapahoe:

Krout 14 14-4S-64W Permit

Murphy Family 25 25-4S-64W Permit

Tebo 1 1-5S-64W Drilling with Spud Date 1/28/2013

Tebo 3 3-5S-64W Drilling with Spud Date 11/11/2012

Tebo 29 29-4S-64W Drilling with Spud Date 7/6/2012

Grimm34 34-4S-64W Drilling with Spud Date 8/5/2012

Tebo 32 32-4S-64W Producing 0n 10/22/2012 Confidential List

Conoco has two Pending Drilling Permits since Jan. 2013:

Walker 12 12-4S-64W

Converse Family12 12-4S-64W

Plus, Conoco just applied for Location Permit on 2/8/2013, Tebo 33 33-4S-64W

Michael, a different subject area but, have you heard anything about active drilling in Township 4 South,

Range 60 West? Would appreciate knowing this info as I have a few acres in this area. Thanks