Anadarko in Larimer county Co

We are in Larimer county Colorado where Anadarko is setting up fracking operations. We were approached recently by a landman, and have been doing some research before signing anything. Our neighbors signed immediately, we were told, and have no idea what their contract looks like. Does anyone else out there in Larimer county have a story we might benefit from before we lock in a deal with Anadarko? From what we have been researching they seem to be one of the better companies to deal with, but like we were told, the early bird does not get the worm when it comes to contracting a deal, and it pays to negotiate. We were told that in order to ask for more than the 16% royalties, the landman did not have the authority to grant it, but it would have to be authorized from higher up. Thanks for an info you can provide us with to make this easier.