Anadarko Class II disposal well Over our Fee Minerals

Hello All, first post. thanks for the welcome Kenny. I was hesitant to post and then encountered @ John_Linden posting here and felt more comfortable after that. I have spoken with John at length on the telephone. I know also some other names I have seen on this site which are family names of neighbours out on the Old homestead. Hello to you all.

I have a friend that is a Groundwater Hydrologist and I asked some questions of him about this but desire to canvass more information from a broader audience.

I have received courtesy copy of an application by Anadarko Onshore to install in the Tekla sand formation waste water disposal wells on a location containing our 100% mineral estate (we do not own the surface). According to my rounded estimated calculations the injection of waste water at the quantities of over a million gallons of water every 5 or so days in aggregate.

Specifically the location is S31 T35N R68W SE 1/4 of the NW 1/4

I suppose the location is the result of logistics, due to a crossroads in the vicinity. The surface owner informed me that they had sold the surface of that location to Anadarko, and that they had no problem with the planed disposal well(s) installation.

In the interim I have received well applications for oil wells with the WOGCC in the same section also from Anadarko. It seems as if they are able to tie up the production of the underlying oil and or gas by holding these permits to drill…and then installing a waste water dumping facility over the top of the fee minerals. Since these holdings are NOT in a pool or unit it almost seems as if they are trying to prevent any production from the underlying Turner or other bearing strata. On the other hand they are not in the business of shooting themselves in the foot so to speak and would not want to deter potential underlying profit by making any future production from under the water disposal obscured by that function as it seemingly would not be in their best interests.

The BP wreck in the Gulf of Mexico comes to mind and the causal failure of that operation. The technology of sealing off bore holes from Geologic Strata is not performing at 100%.

That said, with current 2 mile horizontal capability and fracking technology that oil reserve underlying the water disposal zone may not be occluded.

In my limited layman’s knowledge, I have more questions than answers. Thanks for your time and any information that comes to light.

Disposing of water into the Teckla should not affect the ability to produce oil from other horizons, such as the Turner. In fact, the close proximity of a disposal facility makes it more economic to drill.

Oftentimes a Company will drill a disposal well in the area first, before embarking on a major development program.

@Steve_Durrett Thank you for your reply and insight much appreciated. That will become an interesting and busy section of land.