Amite County Mineral Rights T1N-R3E

My sister and I have inherited partial mineral rights of 556 acres in Amite MS. Section 12,13,23,24,25,26 T1N, R3E. If you have interest in this tract would you please reach out to me? We have been made a lease offer from Border Exploration LLC and would like to know what if any action you have taken.


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I do not have an interest in this parcel of land but just to the north of it in t2n r3e section 21,35,&36 and was not contacted by border just Australis TMS there offer was a little low but took it in the hopes of getting a well or two wish someone who had gotten an offer would have chimed in anyway best of luck to you

Thanks, the offer I signed was I think around $250 acre and then 1/5 royalty. Would you mine sharing your offer?


200per acre and 3/16 so it looks as though you got a better deal could have held out and maybe gotten a little more but was hoping for a well sooner rather than later . I had heard of much better than this in the 1st township because of the chalk line but it could have been just talk

Ok, thanks. If you could let me know if you hear of any drilling in these tracts I would really appreciate it, as I live in SC.

BTw, could you explain about the chalk line?

The Austin chalk overlaps (not as deep) the TMS across portions of Louisiana and Mississippi and I’ve heard (speculation) that the 1st township is in the thick of it if so this would put your mineral interest in two plays instead of one good luck with all of this and I’m the same as you just a small interest hoping for a well