American Energy - Woodford LLc

I have received a lease proposal from American Energy. I have not kept up with this company and I would like to know something about them. I have seen one post not favorable about them but I would like to hear more. My minerals is in Payne county.

Thank you John

If they do business anything like Chesapeake did, it would be very difficult to ever get me to sign a lease with them. I would do some research and see how AEP is treating their royalty owners.

John, the man behind American is the legendary or maybe infamous is a better word, Aubrey McClendon founder and former C.E.O. of Chesapeake Energy. He has been a major player in the business for many years but has a reputation as a shady character. I would heed the advice given by Kitchen above. Unfortunately mineral owners don’t have any choice in who gets the leases and does the drilling. In Oklahoma if you don’t lease you can be force pooled.