Amend rules to create 2560 spacing unit

I just read this application today on the NDIC website. I have interest in 6 and 7 1280. I believe this will impact me negatively. Can we fight these proposed changes? Also what does the overlapping do? Will I share my well with 6 other sections? It appears that the oil companies in our area tied up leases with 1280 spacings and then are drilling the infill wells with 2560's. Let me know if I am way off base here.

Application of HRC Operating, LLC for an order amending the field rules

for the Dublin-Bakken Pool to create and establish two overlapping 2560-

acre spacing units comprised of Sections 1, 2, 11 and 12, T.157N.,

R.100W.; and Sections 1 and 12, T.157N., R.100W. and Sections 6 and 7,

T.157N., R.99W., Williams County, ND, authorizing the drilling of

multiple wells on or near the section line between the two existing 1280-

acre spacing units of each proposed overlapping 2560-acre spacing unit,

eliminating any tool error requirements and such other relief as is