Am i in a good area

Just wondering if anyone can tell me if they think im in a good area that could end up producing good results. Ive had a few offers to sell my mineral rights and wondering if i should.

Where are your minerals? What State & County?

Hello Becky,


After checking some production on wells all around Section 41/Block 31T1N I find at least 5 productive zones.....the Wolfcamp, Trend Area, Spraberry, Fusselman, and Leonard. A short distance to the West I find some decent Horizontal wells. I feel it is just a matter of time before some activity will show up in the area of your minerals....oil prices need to get better also. My opinion is to be patient. There is oil in the area of your minerals.....and unless you have to sell ,,,,don't sell your minerals.

Clint Liles