Am i going crazy part two edit

So I asked a question. Or rather I asked for help. I explained what was happening with a lease agreement and a couple of people replied to my post. Clint liles in particular was answering questions and I was checking daily to see his thoughts and advice which seemed to be very informative. Some how all of his comments disappeared leaving just my side and now I can't get him to respond? Is there something I need to know about this forum? Did I break a rule or did I do something to cause my coversation to disappear or be blocked?

Ok somebody please help me? Maybe I have a setting wrong on here or something you can read above statement to see what I'm talking about. A sweet lady replied to this and I answered her!!! Now I can only see my original post her answer and my reply to her has dissapeared. I'm so confused about what's going on or as to what I'm doing wrong??? I use forums all the time and this is the only one I am having trouble with.

This is a great forum; so, never give up. Most likely people are very busy. Put your question back in and make your luck!

Bob Malone, Malone Petroleum Consulting