ALTEX ENERGY CORPORATION Can not find a phone number

Hi. Long story short. Father passed in 2014, older sis is executrix of will. She will not send checks to me nor did she she give me a copy of the will. I finally got the will and know that Altex energy corporation. in Lincoln County, Ok is the company sending her the checks according to Lincoln county records…I have tried many different numbers and they are either dead numbers or I keep getting transferred to a company in Canada which is a trucking company. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you Pam

Not much help but This was from 2013…


Then From 2019



Will try them first thing monday morning.Thank you so much Convey640 i hope this is the people i need to talk to.

Equal conveyed all (or substantially all) of their assets to N&B Energy, which has an office in Tulsa. I suspect it is Equal’s prior office. If you are unable to find a number for Equal, look for N&B.

Your correct on Equal , it is a disconnected number. As for N&B Energy we cannot find a Tulsa number just in London and also Canada. Will try those tomorrow morning. This is actually unbelievable or is this the standard in the industry?

Prairie Gas Co of Oklahoma is making distributions and operating for N&B Energy.

Try this contact info:

phone - 918.901.8000 email -

I was just going to say the same thing as Kedash.

As to your question, the selling of fields, wells, etc. is pretty common.