Allocation well

Can a oil company list all of a owners tracts on the Platt on a allocation well but only allocate a portion of that acreage according to lateral, if so why would they list tracts that are not included? Appreciate any info on this matter

Typically a regulatory authority will require the operating company to submit a plat with the application for permit to drill that includes all tracts that the operator believes will contribute production to the completed well.

However, a variety of factors may ultimately change which tracts contribute (the operator later amends the permit, the operator encounters downhole issues while drilling the well and has to shorten the productive lateral).

While the situation you describe is certainly out of the ordinary, there are certainly situations where that can occur. Hope that helps a little, and happy to provide any further insight that could help.

Thank you Hunter winner creek for your input, i was definitely thinking only tracts contributing would be listed, i will have to research for an amendment


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