Allocation well definition

I own 10 acres with mineral rights in western Ward Co. and which is leased by Callon. They completed a horizontal well in December 2018. The lateral goes under my land. There are many small tracts in this section (Block 34, H&TC, Sec 135).

My question is, since they are pooling my 10 acres with the surrounding 288 acres (for a 298 acre unit), why did they call it an allocation well, both in the original drilling permit and on the well completion report?

I thought that with an allocation well the production was allocated in according to the proportion of the lateral that crosses under your land compared to the total length of the lateral. The lateral does not cross under some of the tracts with which my acreage is pooled. So are they incorrectly calling it an allocation well, or what am I not understanding?

This may be helpful: