All of Section 30, T16N-R5E Lincoln County Ok

I have recently lost my father and have received a couple of letters from companies wanting to drill. I am the sole heir and I’m originally from Oklahoma. I cannot seem to locate any information on Section 30, T16N-R5E and was hoping I could get some assistance.

you might want to poke around on the general search is free, but if you want to look at certain instruments, you may need to subscribe for one month or so.

I am so sorry to hear about your father. Condolences.
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Places to look for information: Legal filings such as mineral deeds, leases, etc. for most counties are in as Tim mentioned.

Well info: Test

Oklahoma Corporation Commission website: Oklahoma Corporation Commission

OCC case hearings:

GIS: (very slow)

OK tax site for production:

Not much is going on in Lincoln Country right now. The prices of oil and gas is low, so only a few rigs are running and those are in the more economic areas such as the SCOOP and STACK to the west of Lincoln Co.

Barber Oil was doing some leasing in mid 2019 in sec 30. They had a permit to drill in sec 25 in August 2019.

No regulatory orders in the whole township since 2018.

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