I continue to get a few calls about minerals I offered in January. Thanks to Don, Mike, et. al., I completed the sale February 14 In Chickasha. Thanks to one and all for your kind comments and assisance. Best wishes, Don Norton (if anyone sees any listing under my name, I would appreciate learning how to fine the old listings and delete them).

Don...My mother's family were the Obie Norton family from County Line, Velma and the surrounding area. Any relation? When my husband and I moved to Velma for six years the man that owned the Drug Store there, Don Scott, said Oh, I wouldn't talk about anybody aound here if I were you because they are probably your kidfolks. The Stephens are also related to us as my grandmother Norton's maiden name was Stephens. Probably named the County after them! hahaha

County Line and Velma are both in Stephen's Co..That's why I was joking about Stephens Co. being named after our Stephens relatives. Velma is 18 miles straight east of Duncan and County Line is a hole in the road (used to be a school, post office, a few stores and a church or two there but only a church remaining that I know of). just east of Velma about four or five miles. They have built a new highway south of the old one so not many travel through there any more. County Line was where my mother went to school. Only the broken down shell of a rock building is all that remained the last time I was through there which has been about 30 years ago. I have been to the County Line Baptist Church to a funeral but didn't go "down town" hahaha


Would you care to share the details of your selling experience? Either publicly or privately so we can help other make an informed decision and get the most out of their sale. Too often they sell to the first person that makes an offer. I know you would have left a lot of money on the table had you taking the first few offers.