Alamo Heritage Mineral Rights Research

Does anyone have information on a Company named “American Heritage Mineral Rights Research” & or a gentleman named James E. Travis? He/They are sending out letters to Mineral Rights Owners stating that several large Oil & Gas companies have under paid Royalties for years n various tracts of land & are requesting “Sole Representation” Rights to rectify the errors for a 15% commission on excess monies collected, etc, etc. up to & through a 5 year period! He/They are not Attorneys. Highly Suspect, but older family members are curious. I am also going to reach out to the Texas Railroad Commission. Any information or advice is Greatly Appreciated!!

What city did the letter come from? Is it a legitimate business?What is their name? On the topic line, you have Alamo, but in side the question you have American?? I did find the Alamo name and the person on Facebook. I did not find them on Better Business Bureau or Bizapedia. If you proceed, do so with caution. The first place to start if you have missing royalties is the unclaimed funds in the treasurer of the state. I usually throw letters like that out. In underpaid royalty situations, I go with attorneys.

The letter is in Texas! The title line is the name of the business. I could find only limited info myself! Thank You!!