Alamar Ventures - anyone have experience with them?

We received a letter from Alamar Ventures today wanting to lease our interests in Block 13, Section 326, Township 10, A-668 H&GN RR CO. $2,500 per net acre, 1/4 royalty and three year term. Anyone know anything about this company?

Corporationwiki shows that Alamar is operated by Hondo Davis who is a long-time landman in Midland. He will be leasing on behalf of an oil company. I have had a positive experience with Hondo.

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Thanks. Anyone out there close to our section that can share their lease information?

Yes I received one with the same info. I was not aware of my lease and division order expiring. My Landman was Roy Kimsey but he passed. I have family members that also have a piece of mineral rights. I am planning on researching first.

Libbytaloca, Our interests are part of the inheritance from Helen Hildreth through my husband’s mother, Edith Thomas. Are we related?

Our leases were with Roy Kimsey as well. Have you learned anything about Alamar? I am forwarding a lease sent to us by Alamar to our attorney.

Hello, again, Libbytaloca. My sister-in-law received a lease offer from Alamar around Thanksgiving. I expect we will be receiving an offer as well. Did you ever research Alamar in 2019? If so, would you mind sharing the information? Thanks.