Alamar Ventures - anyone have experience with them?

We received a letter from Alamar Ventures today wanting to lease our interests in Block 13, Section 326, Township 10, A-668 H&GN RR CO. $2,500 per net acre, 1/4 royalty and three year term. Anyone know anything about this company?

Corporationwiki shows that Alamar is operated by Hondo Davis who is a long-time landman in Midland. He will be leasing on behalf of an oil company. I have had a positive experience with Hondo.

Thanks. Anyone out there close to our section that can share their lease information?

Yes I received one with the same info. I was not aware of my lease and division order expiring. My Landman was Roy Kimsey but he passed. I have family members that also have a piece of mineral rights. I am planning on researching first.