Ainsworth Mineral Rights in Woodward and Dewey County OK

Hello All,

Can I ask for your help and opinion? My family was contacted by Northwest Oil and Gas Exploration LLC in 2015. They wished to purchase mineral rights from my Uncle's estate which include Woodward Section 16-21n-20W All of Section and Dewey County Section 123-18N-16W Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SW/4 NW/4) They wished to purchase at $1550 per net mineral acre. That letter agreement has expired and the company in due diligence was informed of my uncle's death and given the will, death certificates of him and his wife. The rights now fall to five blood family members who would like to lease or sale. I am thinking of hiring an OK attorney to help clear the rights and ensure probate in OK matches the Tennessee judgement. Does anyone know this area or what rights should sell for ballpark?

Many Thanks (New to this so please forgive me my questions seen silly)

Mark J


did anyone help you out with this?

If you are still looking for some insights, PM me.