Aie permian llc

Does anyone have knowledge or experience with AIE Permian LLC offering to lease to lease mineral rights in Howard County?

I got $9,000 per, 1/4, 3yrs from AEI for some of my Howard acreage.

I have offer from AEI for $8,000, 1/4, 3yrs for mineral rights in NE/4 Sec.1 Block 35 T1S. Are you satisfied with your transaction? Did you negotiate any changes to the lease contract?

Thanks, Dick Hughes

My form is a monster and they accepted it without too much fuss. My only complaint was that it took them awhile (several weeks and my standing on them) to get my check. Other than that, they were straight and polite, if a little untogether. PM me if you want details. Good luck, Dick!

When I did some research on them, I found that the President, Shane Allison, has been associated with 12 companies over the last 8-10 years. Eight are still active, with 1-4 employees, and tied to various oil and gas plays. That is why I was interested in the experience of someone who has actually done business with them. You have very responsive and helpful. I would like to impose on you for your offer of details.

1. Was the $9000 the original offer or did negotiate it from a lower initial offer

2. I think my goal and every other mineral owner's goal is to have the asset wind up in

the hands of an active and successful EP company that will exploit the property

expeditiously and start sending the royalty checks. Do you believe there would be

any advantage leasing to an active EP company in the area even if the offer is lower?

3. I take it that you negotiated with your form. Would that form be available to me? Or

is there another developed from the perspective of the lessor that is available?

Again, thank you so much for your help.

Dick Hughes


Sent you a friend request. Accept and I'm happy to share details.