Aerial seismic taken w/o agreement

Mr. Cotton:

I live in Missouri and have 167 Acres. This property was a steam assisted oil field in the late 70's and early 80's. I was approached to lease the property again, but; could not come to terms. The property and mineral rights have not been leased since the 80's lease expired. I came home one afternoon this summer to find a helicopter with a long boom suspended under it flying a pattern over my and others property. When possible on my property they flew the boom approximately 20 feet off the ground, but; at no point did I witness them make contact. I just witnessed them drop the altitude over my ground near the old oil field. The name on the boom was Resolve. We have shallow heavy oil here that exists between 200 to 300 foot deep. I know this information from the State of Missouri records kept on the operation that was here. The thickness of the heavy oil ranges to 100 foot and the base or end of the deposit seems to run a consistent 300 feet deep. We have two heavy oil steam operations running within three and five miles of us operated by MegaWest out of Canada. I have asked one of the MegaWest project supervisors if they were responsible and the answer was no. Were my property rights violated in the absents of any agreements being signed?