Aeage with lease in effect where revenue sent to OK Unclaimed Property - Help

I have acreage with a filed and recorded mineral deed and entered into a lease for 1/4 royalty and no deductions for gas with a 3 year term.. Forgot about it. Had a number of items in OK Unclaimed Property Department. When I finally met all the requirements to receive the property, one of the items was for the acreage with the executed lease which I confirmed had been filed and recorded properly before drilling commenced and the drilling was done within the term of the lease. I contacted the operator, Silver Creek, as I am sure since it went to Unclaimed Property they were not abiding by the terms of the lease. I have been stonewalled and given the run-around since requesting the detail on how they calculated my net mineral acres, my ownership interest and how they calculated the amount they turned over to Unclaimed Property, which I feel certain had all the deductions for transportation marketing, etc. for gas produced, contrary to the terms of the lease. The OCC says they have no jurisdiction and Unclaimed Property says the same. There is also the issue of the 12% per annum penalty for not distributing revenue to royalty interest owners within 6 months of initial production.

Has anyone run into a similar situation? Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on a course of action?

Sick a GOOD attorney on them.

I agree with Tom. Get a good lawyer and since they have been uncooperative and make sure they pay for attorney fees. Additionally it is essential that you document every occasion you talked to the lessee whether by phone e-mail or letter and the names of the people you talked to about your situation. Without that things get twisted.