Advise or help finding location

Hello :slight_smile: I have recently become aware of a section of land in Pawnee county that belongs to my family, I am interested in finding this location and visiting it, I am unaware if the land is being drilled or mined etc but am interested to find out. All I have to go off is the following:
Southwest Quarter of SW Quarter (SW 1/4 SW 1/4 or SW/4 SW/4) Section 16, Township 22N, Range 3E (S16-22N-3E) Pawnee County, OK I have not much idea what to do with this information in regards to finding the location on google earth or using it to find directions on a map. If anyone has any information or can direct me to resources, websites etc that may be of help to me, Please let me know. Thank you

Here is a useful map that has the section, township and range as well as the roads. Pawnee County Map.pdf (394.2 KB)

There is currently no production on 16, but there was a long time ago. There are horizontal wells in Sec 8, 10, 15, 17 and 20,21,22 contiguous to you.

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