Advise on getting an oil company to respond

I’ve been trying to close out an estate since February. Everything went through probate, paperwork transferring royalty interest filed and recorded with the different counties, and copies of everything required sent to the various oil companies that needed to redistribute the interest to other family members. Everything has gone well except with one oil company - Rimrock. Initially, they were very nice and helpful. They placed a death suspense on the deceased checks and I sent the pile of paperwork they needed. But since then nothing - the interest hasn’t been split, the held payments haven’t been distributed, and they won’t answer emails, phone, or voice mails.

I’m stumped how to get them to respond and would welcome any advise on how to poke this bear! Thanks all!

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I would get an attorney. If you need a referral I can give you one and they might be able to get this resolved without litigation. Also, is the estate proceedings closed or is it still in court pending inventory of estate or notice to creditors? They could be holding the payments if you signed a contract/mineral deed whereas they have the right to payment since the date of you selling your rights. Regardless, I would discuss with an attorney if case is closed and they have already filed the deed.

Not trying to make excuses for Rimrock, or trying to dissuade you from getting legal advise–just stating a fact. Rimrock’s land and Division Order personnel have been swamped by their successful horizontal well drilling program. So much so, there are reports here they have been sending out run checks before issuing Division Orders.

Who at Rimrock are you trying to communicate with?

If this is a royalty interest you have more leverage. I had a similar experience with my mother’s estate. Send a letter requesting the immediate release of your funds and statutory interest at 12%. (if it is a royalty interest). That usually gets a response and a little extra money.

Try a certified letter next. Those usually get routed to legal or get more attention, because of their legal overtones.

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Understood and we’re some of those people getting checks without division orders (ugh). I’m trying not to be unfair to them, but I’m thinking 5 months on is sufficient time to do something or at minimum, “…got your email, got your call”.

Laura and Wade - great ideas - thank you!

The other idea you could try is face to face contact, if possible. Where is Rimroc located??

Try contacting their land manager. Bypass DO dept and call someone else and complain.