My name is Glenard Sean Britton. I received a letter from Mr Chad Johnson of TenMile Land. He said I have 0.36% mineral rights on 100 acre tract. He offered me $900.00 for my rights, which I think is extremely low. .The area Tax Map 5 Parcels 1 and 1.1 are the areas of interest for a mineral purchase. Can somebody please advice me as what to do. This is all so new to me. Is there a chance they will drill on this area of land?

Sean, see what I put on the other discussion thread.

Study the things I put today as well as a few days ago. See where the horizontals are.

Go to the WV Office of Oil and Gas website and in the left side list, go down to Horizontal Drilling.

On that page, in the center of the page, are Links.

Under links, there is Signup for OOG Mailing List and View the List archives

You can select Doddridge and Ritchie, and get email notices when a permit is proposed, and when it is issued.

Back on the main site, you can see General Information at the top of the list on the left hand side. Select that, then select Weekly Reports.

There you can see all the permits issued, by county, as well as cancelled permits, plugging permits, and well reports (when the well is completed, these reports tell what was found where on the "trip" down the wellbore. Beyond my understanding, but good information.

If you absorb all this, you should be ready to ask more questions, but will know more than most people!

Thanks for your valuable information.

You're welcome!