Advice on proposed lease for Love County 7S 2E 14 & 23

What do you know about what’s happening with proposed XTO well in Love County 7S2E, sections 14 and 23? Did corporation commission approve permission to drill at its Feb. 18 meeting? We got a lease offer today from RD Williams for our 17.5 acres for $900 at 3/16 with an 81.25 NRI. Is that a decent offer? Are we wiser to act now or wait at least until we get the OCC documents? The letter advises us that they plan to file an application very soon to force pool. It says if we decide now, we must elect to participate pursuant to the terms of the Force Pooling Order. That sounds like we’d be agreeing to something we haven’t seen, which doesn’t seem wise. Any advice? Sure would appreciate it.

The letter is a form letter that you do not have to sign. You will just have to do paperwork all over again if you choose to lease or wait for the force pool. I do not sign them but I do file them for reference. You can follow the cases on the docket at the OCC. Oklahoma Corporation Commission Office of Adminstrative Proceedings They usually post within a couple of days.