Advertising venues for hunting land

Need recommendations for good venues for selling/purchasing hunting land. Is there a forum for hunting land similiar to this wonderful mineral forum.

I would not buy hunting land from the back of a magazine because the land may be overpriced, but I would sell hunting land in the back of a magazine and I guarantee that it would be overpriced. I think to purchase hunting ground it must be in the region that the animals you want to hunt live. The land would need to have the habitat that the animals thrive in, woods hills/mountain water. Larger animals need cover, except possibly antelope that have excellent eyesight and enough speed to outrun predators. I would look for land that doesn’t have alot of roads/ activity or a railroad across it. I would look in real estate listings for land meeting my criteria and then ask the agricultural extension agent about the area, to determine if it was worth a look. I think if you found a forum for hunting land similar to this it would only be a good place to sell and or research the value of hunting land in the region, always mindful that the prices given are probably inflated.I hope this may have been of some help. If not maybe someone who leases their hunting land will chime in

Thank you, R.W. Kennedy. I just saw your reply to my inquiry. I need toi get ad published ASAP. These magazines probably require 2 month lead time or something. I have call into lawyer to find out when sale/auction is. What magazines/publications would you or anyone suggest publishing hunting, timber land for sale? Also, anyone up on timber mkt? Now getting timber inquiries. Thanks for all your help.

There are alot of magazines out there but I would recommend, Field and Stream and American Rifleman magazines. Good luck with finding the right buyer.