Adjusting royalties rates

Hello, I have questions if I have a set royalty payment percantage, could I get that changed if the companyy is making alot more money than I am recieving? And at the rate that I have could it be adjusted to be more? Thank you

I don't think I understand your question?

Sherrie, the short and the long answer are probably no. When you signed the lease, you knew or should have known that the operator was going to make 300% to 400% as much off your acres as you would. If you are amazed at how much deductions are whittling down your effective royalty to possibly half or less of what you thought you would receive, I will tell you there is nothing you can do about that if you signed the lease offered by the lessee because he had a good lawyer draw that up with over 100 years of past examples of leases to draw on. In the event that there was something you could actually take to a lawyer, the oil company would most likely stonewall you making you spend tens of thousands of dollars out of your own pocket before you could ever get them to admit they did anything wrong. The sad thing is that the majority of leases involve such a low dollar value that you would spend more to enforce it than the entire productive life of the lease is worth. I would hate to see you spend your hard earned after tax dollars to no good purpose, even $500 for a consultation with a good oil and gas attorney. You have my sympathy but if your part isn't worth at least $100,000, I doubt the contract is worth enforcing and only then if you can afford that much out of pocket and if you are absolutely certain before you begin that you have rock solid grounds for a lawsuit. Best wishes; Robert