Adding your Wife on to deed in North Dakota

How would I go about adding my wife onto my Deed in North Dakota so she is also an owner? Can I do this Myself or do I need to hire a Lawyer?

Thanks Bruce

you can certainly do it yourself. Preparing a deed to you and your wife is relatively simple. However, the cost of an attorney to do this for yourself would be pretty minimal.

Tim I have a deed in Billings County ND and Dunn County ND. How much is minimal for an Attorney to do it?

If I decided to do it myself how would I go about doing it? Is their a standard form to fill out ETC. ETC. ? Who would I contact?

about 200 plus recording.

Many people get a copy of a mineral deed online and just do it themselves.

Can I just make a Copy of my existing deed, Add my wife's name to it, Get it notarized and submit it to the county recorder's office in each of the two counties??

no. A deed must have 4 elements. Just adding her name to an existing copy of a deed doesn't satisfy two of the elements.

Tim what are the 4 elements?

If you "Google," answers to your questions can, easily, be found, plus the form(s) you will need. Just ask the same questions.

Good luck,


My attorney advised me not to put any spouses on the deed, in case of a divorce and your spouse remarries or if you die and your spouse remarries. Especially if you have children(they should not put their spouses on the deed either). The only people on the deed should be the biological or adopted descendants. You definitely need to talk to an attorney. It is your decision.