Added to an existing unit

We have a small amount of acreage under lease with EQT. In May 2019, they added a small part of our area into an existing unit. At least one well in that unit has been producing since 2016. I feel they owe us back pay for our share of that unit, but they just want to pick up paying us from when they amended the unit. That doesn’t seem right- they have been draining our lease and not paying. Any suggestions?

Jed- Don’t pack your bags & head to Beverly just yet. I am assuming this property is in Texas and if so, you are not entitled to any back revenue as your interest wasn’t part of any Unit until EQT made it a part of a Unit. In my honest opinion and knowing what I know about Texas rules & regulations, you should be pretty happy that you are now a part of a unit.

Hope this helps. Todd M. Baker

Thanks- should have said- West Virginia.

I can’t help with that. Sorry.

@JedClampett I’ve heard of mineral owners receiving proportional pay back for their undivided interest added to an existing unit. I’m sure someone on this forum might have more insight for you. Please keep us updated on your outcome.