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My minerals are 20 miles south of Ft. Morgan, in

the top tier of Adams Co.

Would be interested to hear about recent activity in Adams County in 1S 58W any sections. Seeing some activity from Mason Dixon. Anyone else?

I have minerals in Sections 4, 5, 9, and 10, all in Township of 1 South,
Range 57 West, but the layout is contiquous, I think.. Also inquiries
from Mason Dixon, but nothing about price or terms.

Have just heard from Mason Dixon offering 5yr / 3yr: $100 / $100 and 14% royalty. Have not seen their lease form yet.

I've had no more inquiries since Nov. of 2010.

Interested to hear about activity in the area, I have minerals in 3S65W14

Anyone heard of anything going on in the area?

I have minerial rights in 1S60W28. I was contacted last year by a landman offering to lease at $100/acre plus 15% royality but it never to came to reality as the company said they had decided to terminate lease offers until furhter notice. Ken I'm curious about who your offer came from and where your rights are a?

I have mineral interests in township 2s 60w and I am wondering what terms to ask for or accept.

We have mineral interests in Adams County. Andadarko just did seismic testing covering 300 square miles in Adams, Broomfield and Weld counties.

The tests were completed early in the year. Has anyone heard any results?

How long does it normally take to get results/status on the testing.

Thanks for all input!

Hi all! We have received an offer for lease from Anadarko. Their terms are $100 per net mineral acre for a primary length of 5 years with 15% royalties upon production of paying quantities. Our property is 1s range 65w in Adams county. Have any of you folks had any dealings with Anadarko recently? We are curious to know of any other higher, lower or similar offers. Thank you!

Anyone selling minerals or receiving offers to sell? I recently acquired some interest in 15-1S-65W and I am looking to cash out. Thanks in advance.


Are you under lease?

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment

Yes, producing. 3/16ths.

I have been getting mineral leasing offers over the past several months. The first offers were companies that were NOT doing the actual drilling apparently trying to get in before the main oil company. One of my neighbors signed with one of these companies and got a $2000/acre bonus and 20% royalty. I have now been contacted by the actual company doing the drilling and have been offered the exact same amounts. Given that these offers are the same, I am not clear how the driller deals with the middle man in my neighbor's case? It would seem that the driller would have to pay this middle man more than they paid my neighbor to make a profit. In that case, it seems that the driller could offer us more also since there is no middle man.