Mineral rights forum, I inherited 11.25 net mineral acres three years ago upon my dad's death. We lived in Bristo, OK in the early 1950s and that's when I assume he acquired it. Troubadour Energy,llc sent me a letter in Nov 2014 and was trying to acquire a lease . As you know oil went south and that was the last I heard from them. Do you know if there is any activity near

Section 08, Township 15 North Range09 East Creek County,OK

Erv rodgers

There was some leasing in 6 & 7 in 2017 and early 2017 by EGB LLC. Lots of leasing in section 20 in 2016. Most of the current activity was in the southern half of the township during mid 2017.

Who is EGB LLC? Address? Have some interest in sections 6, 27 and 30.

Joseph, you need to add the section and range to get an answer.

EGB LLC is the name of the company that leased in 6,7-15N-9E.

Sec 34-19N-9E Sec 6-14N-10E Sec 27-14N-10E Sec 34-14N-10E Sec 16-16N-10E

Sec 34-19N-9E No new activity in 999 days

Sec 6-14N-10E No new activity. FIsher 1 well still on line.

Sec 27-14N-10E EGB leasing nearby in 26. Mills 1-27 still online in 2018

Sec 34-14N-10E No new activity

Sec 16-16N-10E Weins O&G was leasing in 17 in 2017. Nothing else new