Have mineral rights in Washington County & was offered a buy-out which my siblings & I declined. Know wells are going up everywhere in Colorado- what's going on in Washington County?

Just found out family owns mineral rights on about 1600 contiguous acres in Washington County. What is a good offer for a buy-out of this interest? Would love to have some cash before year end to care for an aging relative but don't want to make a bad deal. Can anyone help with info? Thanks.

Can't help as noone has responded to my earlier post. We were offered a buyout of our rights through Melvin Campbell, an agent who refused to diclose who buyer was so we declined. Good luck in getting some info.

Sally: Depends on 1. where they are; 2. leased 3. taxed

If you can provide just a basic description and tell me whether they are currently leased and currently being taxed, I think I can give you a ballpark on value. That's a large chunk of acreage.