Activity south of Toyah?

Thank you everyone for contributing to make this forum so valuable. I was wondering how active is the area between Toyah and Balmorhea? Been getting lots of offers recently to buy our minerals off FM 2903 in Block 55 (Tsp 7). Also, is this area more suited for regular Delaware Basin play or Apache’s new Alpine High discovery? It’s been difficult to tell from maps in the media exactly how far north/northeast the boundaries go for Apache’s discovery because the maps don’t include the smaller roads. Thank you in advance for your insight!

We have property that will be in your area, though since you didn't put in more info I can't tell how close. We are Block 55 tsp 7, Sec. 16. Apache did lease some properties near us as part of their Alpine High play, but I do not know if they've actually drilled or found anything. Most of their Alpine leases were farther to the south. As near as I can figure out by playing with maps, our property is in the Delaware but doesn't appear to be part of any of the various basin plays. It might be on the cusp of a couple though. The maps have changed a lot since I started keeping track years ago, and Clayton Williams has a new well four or five miles to the east that is very nice. So there is hope. Our property is part of a trust and is managed by a bank so we won't get the offers that many people will - no flippers or low-ball buyers, for instance. We don't get offers until a company is really serious. That said, there has been nothing in some years.

I want to correct my previous post. Clayton Williams nice well is six plus miles to our east. And slightly closer CW wells from some years ago were very bad. Don't know if the newer well hit a sweeter spot or if CW just got better in the meantime.

Thank you Liz. Very helpful. Any idea on what's happening with the permitted well in the section just northeast of you, or the one in the section just south of you?

Those are old permits that were never spudded. I think they were Chesapeake permits.

Also Liz, I started playing around with the RRC map to try to get a lay of the land. I noticed there is a gas transmission line going through your property, and some gas gathering lines just to your east which connect a few gas wells. I'm curious, does having a a gas transmission line on/near one's property make it more attractive to operator's? Having to lay less pipe saves them money, obviously. But maybe it's not really a determining factor in deciding where to drill?

I have no idea. However, I'm sure there are people in this group who do know the answer.

The one just to your south is from Chesapeake. The one just to your northeast from Petrohawk. Google maps shows they each already have pads, waste pits and roads built. Hoping it's only a matter of time until these two get spudded!

I don't know about pads, waste pits and roads. But that permit is from 2011/2012 and there has been no activity in the years since. Perhaps Petrohawk has a lease that is held by that sort of activity without production.

Should also add that Petrohawk is gone, I think, acquired by BHP Billiton.

Hi folks, I attached a screenshot from the Baker Hughes Rig Count app of the area I was asking about. (The app is very cool and shows the current location of rigs.)

The area with a rig right now just to the east of Toyah has had lots of additional wells drilled over the last few years. More recently, it seems like the area to the west of the “Texas 17” highway logo (the one about halfway between Pecos and Balmorhea) has seen a number of rigs pop up on the app within the last year. First-hand knowledge from “boots on the ground”, though, is better than any app. Thank you in advance for any insight! 657-image.jpeg (69.6 KB)

Re: your property "... off FM 2903 in Block 55 (Tsp 7)."

Tom -- what Section please. Thanks -- Later -- Buzz

Tom, If the gas line has capacity to take on additional customers, it could be a plus. Not many of the older lines are large enough for any substantial number of new wells, however.