Activity Section 28, T16S, R26E, N.M.P.M


Heir to mineral rights: Section 28, T16S, R26E N.M.P.M. Eddy County, New Mexico. How do I determine if any recent activity?

These rights originated from great GM. I have copy of warranty deed signed in 1926. Divided among heirs, ultimately a portion to my father. Passed to my mother after his death in 1974. Now that my mother has passed, do I need to submit proof of death and heirship for me and my siblings?

New to this. Appreciate any assistance.


According to the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division website/search engine, there has been no activity ever in your section 28.


How far do the records go back?

I have correspondence and posted checks for mineral lease payments made to my dad, then my mother by Marathon oil company dated 1973, 1974 and 1975 for the identified area.

Thank you.


The website I refer to above only gives completion/drilling history. Lease data is not compiled anywhere to my knowledge.

If you wanted to message me names of individuals to do a search on I could go to which is a paid for database of current mineral owners, and run a search for you for free since I pay for the service for myself and other heirs in my family.

You could then take the info I send (providing you want to private message me names and your email address so I can copy any mineral deeds and email those results to you,) and go to a landman or a lawyer and have those deeds conveyed to the rightful owner (s).

Let me know.


Not to be a Debbie Downer, but in terms of activity, North of Artesia is way off the beaten path. There are 7 active producers in the whole Township, and they are all very poor vertical gas wells. The BoneSpring/Wolfcamp play ends 15-20 miles SE of you. Just so you are going in eyes wide open if you are considering putting considerable effort/legal fees into this. Good luck.


Thank you. I appreciate the information!