Activity searching in Major County Section 30

How might I search for activities in a particular section for Major County? My lease in Section 30 -township 22N just expired and I received an offer from a different company for $200 per acre 3 year lease 3/16ths. My previous 3 year lease was for $650 per acre 3/16ths. I haven’t yet contacted the previous Lessee.

I am hoping there is a central website for seeing information on individuals sections in Oklahoma. I didn’t find anything in the Forum achives. I hate to bother the excellent help on this site with just general questions when I might find some things out for myself. If not, I certainly welcome any input on that section. Thank you, Randall

There is no public list of lease offers. You can look through the pooling orders for the sections near you to get a general idea. Here are some handy free links. If you give the rest of your description (need the range),some of us can help you get a closer idea. Personally, I always ask for the 1/5th and 1/4th royalty offer. And oil prices are quite a bit down this year, so not surprised that offers are down as well.

"Pending OCC cases at the following link: Case Processing Online

Actual cases if you have the case numbers: OAP

Docket proceedings:

Well activity: Test

Production: Gross Production "

Thank you, I posted the range today on another post. 09W A couple of additional things as well.
I didn’t see that I could have just replied to you post like this. Sorry for the duplicate posting. Thank you for the links