Activity Question and Sale of NMA

Is there any activity going on in Section 1 18N25W? A company is interested in buying my minerals and I am looking to sell. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

EOG has a well in section one. Many of the sections around you have 2-3 wells, so that is probably why someone wants to buy. They want that future royalty. EOG and Fourpoint have been very active in that township.

Hi thank you. Would you have any idea as to what nma is worth in Sec 1, 18N25W. Or maybe just a guess (:

The technical answer is “value is what a willing and informed seller under no compulsion to sell and a willing and informed buyer under no compulsion to buy agree to.” I would not be able to give you an exact value since that is not in my area of expertise.

In some areas, a range has been 60-70 times the most recent three months of royalty. But that has quite a few caveats to it.

I appreciate your input. Thank you.

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