Activity on my property.

Hi,Targa just emailed me that it would 106 rods, for 1000.00 dollars, this doesn't see right..

What kind of easement? Pipeline? If so, what diameter is the pipeline?

Yes it's for a pipe line.this an addtional 25 ft, 106 rods from what i already oked.They don't say what size pipe. But they origionallly gave me 90 .00 a rod.which was outrigger energy, targa midland llc is now the successor too outrigger midland operating,llc. It for temporary use.

Is this offer for 106 including the original offer.76 rods.? Or Is it for an addional 30 rods? Iam confused. Thank you very much for the help.william sweeney

How many feet are in a rod?

1) Your initial easement was for 76 rods in length, 50 feet in width.

2) Then, there was an amendment filed that extended it another 30 rods, for a grand total of 106 rods, at 50 feet in width.

3) Now, Targa owns the 106 rod, 50 feet wide easement. However, it appears they are contacting you because they need to make the easement wider by another 25 feet, being a grand total of 75 feet wide.

So, to summarize, Targa is not extending the length of the easement, rather they are trying to simply widen the easement.

1 rod = 16.5 feet

Would that be only worth a 1000.00 dollars. .yes they payed me for 106 rods at 90 a rod. Thank you.

Thank you

I just got an offer too buy my land. But they want too know how many acres i have and what the royalites are least at. But i belive i only own the surface rights.thank you again

Okay, since they are widening the ROW and not lengthening it, I would ask for a proportional amount. So, if they paid $90/rod initially on a 50' wide easement, a proportional amount would be $45/rod for the additional 25' in width.

$45/rod * 106 rods = $4,770.00

This method is fair for both sides in my opinion. It's directly calculated using the original terms.

Thank you

Well, at least you're pulling in some occasional revenue from easements!

my suggestion is NEVER sell your land. The Delaware Basin is one of the best in the world. Just my two cents worth. You will always be getting some kind of payment from the land. I got 250.00 a rod temporart. The companies will offer low ball. I ask for the sky and settled for an amount that was good for both the pipeline people and myself.

Good bold....

Thank you