Activity on my property

Hi,can anyone,tellme whats going on , on a certain property. It's E 1/2 of theNE 1/4 OF NE 1/4 OF SECTION14, BLOCK ,H& GN RY. I let a company put pipe through my land.When i was out there in july,the area cleared for the pipe line was along a road that went too a well . I have a feeling they are using my cleared area for a road to well also. I have 20 acres, i don't know what 20 acres look like,but that well looked awfully cose too my property.thank you william

Block 7, sorry about that.

We received this information about our well. Has anyone experienced it, and have a sense of how hard to fix / how long to fix?


I am not sure when we are going to bring the well online, there are some problems down hole with wellbore integrity and our operations department is working on evaluating our options to fix the problem, but they have yet to make a decision on when they will get back out there.

Thank you!

If you give your location, someone may be able to help you if they have heard about the problem. The severity of the problem and the cost to fix it will be critical to the answer about “how long to fix”.

The next step is to review your lease and see if you have a time line of 90 days, 180 days, etc. before the company’s review process oversteps the time and the lease has to be released. Their definition of “continuing operations” will be important. You may have a shut in time which also needs to be reviewed in the lease. The time to fix may fall under that time frame.