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I am wondering what the mineral rights activity is in Wetzel County now? I just received a check from EQT for a renewal but haven’t received any other new lease offers only to buy mineral rights. We also have leases with Tug Hill but no new interest from them. The family has been paying taxes on minerals for over 2,000 acres for a long time. I appreciate any updates . Thanks, Joe

Joe is the renewal for an expired lease? We have minerals in Wetzel Cty also. I have nothing to offer as our lease will not expire until next June.

Joe_W_Estes, If the EQT lease is a renewal, then other companies would not offer to lease typically. That is a positive sign that a lease is renewed. Tug Hill might just not be trying to acquire new acreage. How many unleased acres do you have? You can check to see if there are any new permits in the area of your acreage (leased and unleased) and that will be a good indicator if there is any activity going on. The WVDEP has some great information and even a website with wells and permits mapped.

Typically, minerals aren’t taxed unless they are producing. Are you paying excessive taxes or a minimal tax? You can always have your taxes reviewed yearly by the county commissioners.


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Joe, did you have a lease with EQT that expired? if so does the expiring lease give EQT the first right of refusal, if so then you have a lease. The word renewal needs defining for a proper response.

George , I did have a lease with EQT that did expire but I did receive a new lease offer which Kyle N. did help me get a better deal. What I fine difficult is determining the exact tax receipts that match the leases . I was told by a previous EQT landman that some leases include several tracts of land that may not be detailed in the lease. We did have a lease with DAC now it is with EQT which included parcels in Church and Center Districts . The lady at DAC was helpful in telling me what the parcel numbers where . Our new lease that was just written is for only 94 acres of that original 288 acre lease and only for Church district no Center district parcels.

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