Activity In This County?

We executed a 3 year lease with Hacienda a little over two years ago. Can't reach them now, and I do not see much activity here under this County. ANYBODY know anything about Hacienda and or this county??

I was approached by Hacienda a couple of years ago and didn't lease with them because they wouldn't accept some standard Exhibit A clauses. I didn't get a good feeling about them. Hope you have luck getting in touch with them. Sometimes you can just tell over the phone how a company operates, sometimes not. I always ask here at the MI board about any company to see if I can get some info about them before dealing with them.

As for activity in Okfuskee, we have a few leases in the country, but we also have quite a few tracts that aren't leased here. I recently was offered to lease six tracts in Okfuskee by Aspera Energy (a new company, so I don't know much about them) and was going to accept their offer, because Okfuskee hasn't been very active these days. But as you may know, things can turn around quickly in the oil/gas business, and prices are on the rise, which usually signals more leasing activity is around the corner.